Hair trends to leave behind in 2017

2017 is well underway and hopefully all your New Year’s resolutions came true! We’re all about retaining the best of the old and embracing the new. With that said, there are certain looks that should not be making a resurgence in 2017.

The retro wave

The retro wave had its time and we still see it out and about. That said, 2017 is all about small, tighter curls and waves rather than looser locks. You can use tongs or small-diameter curlers to create this striking look. So, why is the retro look on the way out? We are sure this style will still hold a special place in many people’s hearts but the tighter curl is unique and redefines and updates a look that in the real world can often look dated.

Bright colors

This year the trend is leaning towards natural colors (shades of blonde, brown, black and red) and when artificial color is played with, the trend is leaning towards muted, subdued color rather than brash, bold and bright. A more tranquil tone whether it be blonde, red or blue, is bang on trend at the moment. Pastel locks are a big thing. If you’re thinking of making a switch, consider a passive variant of the shade you swoon over.

The messy bun

We know, we know, the messy bun is a staple! You can wear it to work, to the gym and out with friends but the messy bun is the equivalent of living in your track pants. It’s lazy and uninspired. This year, the focus is on tightly-coiled updo’s that project grace and femininity. Yes, they require more effort but they also dazzle effortlessly.

Unicorn hair

The big thing of 2016 was being a unicorn and a lot of people tried to become unicorns by dying their hair various hues of pink and purple. this trend washed out pretty quickly and although we would always encourage experimentation, this is a fad that has been replaced by the subdued colors trend. A lot of colors without the right makeup and styling, fall flat. A subdued color can flatter on its own without constantly needing to be ‘dressed up’ which let’s face it, can be exhausting.

Bold bangs

Not everyone can rock bangs and we commend those who do, but we saw far too many offenders in 2016! If you’re going to opt for bangs, get a stylist to trim your locks. A lot of ‘do it yourself’ jobs end up spoiling a pretty face! Remember, hair should frame a face rather than conceal or warp it.

What looks are you glad to leave behind this year?