Hair trends to leave behind in 2017 part 2

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In our previous instalment of ‘hair trends to leave behind in 2017’, we established that retro waves, unicorn hair and bold colors are on the way out. There are a few further trends that haven’t quite made the cut in 2017.

Dark roots

For a brief while in 2016, flaunting your roots was all the rage. After all, it’s easier to embrace your roots rather than to continuously keep up with the upkeep of regular dye jobs. Ultimately, dark roots aren’t glamorous (although they are grunge). Maintaining your roots is simply part of the package when you dye your hair.

The lob

The lob dominated in 2016 but 2017 is more about two polar opposite styles: sweeping length or a dramatic chop. Just look at Kristen Stewart and Katy Perry. The short look remains in style in sharp opposition with the popularity of longer locks. Either of these two extremes fit neatly on trend whereas the lob, by contrast, looks indecisive and on the fence by comparison.

The bowl cut

This look flatters just about nobody. You know they say that even models look great in a bin liner? Well, even models can’t make this look happen.

Rainbow roots

Back when everyone was obsessing about all things unicorn, rainbow roots were an exciting new find. The upkeep for rainbow roots is what ultimately led to their demise. Besides, there are other ways to embrace your inner unicorn.

The mullet

The mullet has no place, anywhere, ever. Even an unrivalled beauty like Scarlett Johanssen can be diminished by the overwhelming power of the mullet. It flatters few (if any) and with such a myriad of exciting hair looks on the table, why would the mullet be the go to choice?

The beehive

The big beehive is a look that has been rocked by many a diva but for us mere mortals, it rarely looks right. Such an oversized do tends to dominate a face and rarely flatters. Yes, many of the big stars have tried this style at least once but it’s nobody’s go to look.


Crimping was all the rage in the 90s but the look is pretty dated. Although the odd crimp here and there can work its magic, crimping has largely been replaced by mini-plaits or braids. Crimping had its day but a resurgence is not expected any time soon.

So, are there any hair horrors that we’ve not covered?